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Have you been disappointed with the alleged 'law of attraction'?

This book offers alternative solutions that are 100% reliable!

Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment is not a book on religion or occultism. It's a compendium of the most effective shortcuts to becoming the best, happiest and most successful person you can be. Its methods have been tested and proven, not just by the Author, but through extensive participant feedback during this book's refinement stage when its methods were released as a self-development correspondence course to a wide cross-section of people. It is enabling people of all ages and genders find true happiness, fulfill their most compelling dreams and engage their full potential.

Few subjects are as exciting and important as this, and few self-development books are as powerful as this one. With it, you will connect with powerful inner resources, igniting new enthusiasm, engaging your amazing latent power and personal potential. Imagine soaring on high, enraptured with clear, passionate vision, fresh hope, confidence and vastly increased capability. It feels fantastic, doesn't it? This can now be your reality in the months and years ahead!

Master the Art of Living

More love - more income - more satisfaction - more happiness!

• Do you ever feel frustrated with life?
• Do you ever wish you had more money, love or happiness?
• Have you ever felt like you were in a rut?
• Do you ever find it hard to improve your lot in life?
• Do you ever feel you are missing out on the best things in life?
• Have you found it hard to achieve a life you'd really enjoy?

If you answered "yes" at least once, then rest assured; now you can change all that, because this how-to book on triumphant living will pulverize the boulders standing in your path and empower you to achieve great things!

Live life to the fullest

...according to your own unique goals and dreams!

This book may be the greatest investment you will ever make. Its powerful techniques and methods enable you to achieve your most important goals and dreams with exceptional speed. Think of Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment as your personal mentor. Its four parts cover the key elements of personal success and self-fulfillment. Most of its chapters include simple recommended action steps that you bring you immediate results, along with greatly increased hope, confidence, enthusiasm and capability. Imagine how it feels to be thoroughly ahead in the game of life, at last holding all the aces!

Perhaps you are already beginning to glean that the keys to your future are in this book. True happiness and personal fulfillment are your birthright. It's never too late to claim it - and this book shows you how. Now is the optimal time to read this book and start taking the most important life-changing steps you will ever take!

“Dare to seize all the opportunities on your paths.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

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This is one powerful book, and a fantastic investment.

Angela Brentworth, Santa Barbara, CA

As I read, it occurred to me just how well this material can prepare you for just about anything. The book is not religious, but is certainly enlightened. The author seemed to have explored many different philosophies from which the best were drawn upon in this blueprint for living optimally. This book is a fantastic investment, considering its far-reaching potential for improving one’s life and achieving one’s dreams.

Courtney – Psychology graduate, VA, USA (Amazon review)

Thank you for developing this supremely effective course in self-mastery. It has completely changed my outlook.

G. Murphy, entrepreneur, Ireland

The course-in-a-book is brilliant. It is fun to implement and extremely effective. My life has completely turned around thanks to this excellent book.

J. Hargreaves, Port Talbot, UK

I found this book of great interest and anyone following and executing this self-development advice couldn’t fail to gain success from it.

Gerry Benson, Christchurch, UK (formerly of the Times newspaper)

When I began to consider who might benefit from reading this book, I was stuck. That’s the wrong question, even though I usually try to answer it in reviews. This time, the question should be more like who won’t benefit from reading this book. The answer would have to be someone who is completely satisfied with every aspect of their life and is unwilling to change any part of it. Everyone else should find something to enrich their lives — including me!

Dr. G.Webb, Dalton, GA (from Goodreads review)