Goodreads review of Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment, the pivotal life-improvement book for men and women seeking personal success and self fulfillment…

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The reviewer is Dr. Gary Webb, retired US Navy chaplain and author of critically acclaimed self-help books about gaining freedom from debt and addiction. Here is his enthusiastic endorsement of Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment, as posted at Goodreads, reposted here with his permission:

Review of Fast-Track to Fabulous Fulfillment

The author [of Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment] assumes that your aspirations are ethical. He has committed himself to giving you the tools to accomplish your greatest dreams. His intent is to liberate you from the failure, frustration, and repeated disappointments that characterize so many lives.

For some, the notion of pursuing self-fulfillment might seem selfish. For this author, that is far from inevitable. Why? Because he has found that being the best you can be can make you into a beacon of hope for others.

Some people measure fulfillment differently than others, sometimes seeing it only regarding outward accomplishments. However, outward progress is related to inward process, changes in thought and emotion. The author guides us through processes that move us upward and forward. Although the progress will not always be what we expected, the process is equipping us for taking another step in the direction of our dreams.

Before we can establish new thought patterns, we must unlearn the faulty ones that have hindered us in the past. The author again guides us into ways to transform our inner monolog toward positive change. One of the best things about this book is the practical assignments. With the help of our guide, we can make steady, if somewhat slow, progress in the right direction.

Although the author writes in a very readable, non-academic style, I was also encouraged by the excellent collection of wise quotations drawn from many cultures and periods of history.

The author’s Pyramid Plan Situation Transformer (PPST) is an incredibly simple way to produce a visual image of our goals in four dimensions at a time. I found it much more concise and functional than many that are included in other “success” oriented books.

In another chapter, he gave me some practical steps to banish worry in whatever form it appears in my life. As I read through his material, the insightful perspectives Mr. Ackroyd has gained through years of study and his training in psychotherapy are evident. His ability to communicate profound principles with simplicity and clarity is very valuable for readers.

When I began to consider who might benefit from reading this book, I was stuck. That’s the wrong question, even though I usually try to answer it in reviews. This time, the question should be more like who won’t benefit from reading this book. The answer would have to be someone who is completely satisfied with every aspect of their life and is unwilling to change any part of it. Everyone else should find something to enrich their lives — including me!